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The Most Beautiful Television In The World 
Korean television dramas ("K-drama" for short) are some of the most beautiful works of media art you will ever enjoy. In comparison to the static, uninspiring, unromantic, unintelligent, crass, and yes, often depraved, television shows of the West, particularly from the United States, Korean drama television shows are not afraid to break new ground in storytelling, and they are not afraid of beautiful qualities, like sentimentality, romance, fantasy, spirituality, morality, sweetness, justice, redemption, and true love. They delight in presenting us with multifaceted characters: men, women, and children, who often experience profound personal growth as human beings during the course of a story. Most Korean dramas last between sixteen and twenty episodes, so they don't drag out indeterminably like shows in the West often do. We long-term Korean drama fans love this about them! Brevity is the soul of wit, wrote Shakespeare, and he was correct.

Here on this humble web site, with no ads anywhere to disturb your enjoyment, you will find the personal writing of K-drama viewers' deep passion for, and interest in, the exciting human stories these brilliant K-dramas tell. On each page there will be general plot and character descriptions (minus end spoilers in most cases so you can discover them for yourselves!), and photos and often video clips from the productions. We hope you enjoy your stay! Please click on the links below to go to the reviews and other goodies.